About the service

The test

The order is personal and intended only for the person who made the order. All testing and treatment is free. Submit your email or your cellphone number (optional) if you want to be reminded when your test result is available. (No test results are sent via email or text).

Taking the test

The test is a urine sample for men and a vaginal swab for women. Instructions are included. Read the instructions carefully.

You will then send the sample and the included referral sheet in the return envelope to the laboratory. Remember to fill in the day you took the test.


Your personal code is found in the letter along with the sampling kit. The test result will be available on the website after approximately 4-5 days.

Positive test results

Information about treatment will be provided if the test shows that you are infected with chlamydia. The treatment is antibiotics in 7 to 10 days and it is free of charge. A treatment letter is provided along with your test results, print this and bring to your health care provider. The letter serves as a referral for treatment and partner tracing. If you don’t have access to a printer, bring the code to your physician.

If you forget your code

The personal code is needed to see the test result. We are able to send the code again to your ordering address if you lose it.

If you are worried about anything else

Note that the test only shows presence of genital chlamydia infection! If you are worried about other STDs, you should contact your local health care provider.

How common is chlamydia?

See our statistics to get to know how many people have chlamydia among those sampled via www.klamydia.se.


The service started in 2004 as a research project with financial support from the National Institute of Public Health in collaboration with the Institution for Public Health and Clinical Medicine and the Institution for Clinical Microbiology at Umeå university. The service aims at facilitating the Chlamydia testing and also find reasons for an increased risk of acquiring a Chlamydia infection. The service has been available in Västra Götaland Region since May 2006 in collaboration with the Department of Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Västra Götaland Region. During 2008 Klamydia.se was put into operation in Sörmlands län and Gävleborgs län. The service is operated by Karlsson & Novak Medical AB. During 2014 Klamydia.ax was launched on the Åland Islands.