Information About Gonorrhea

Your sample will in addition to chlamydia also be tested for the more unusual infection gonorrhea. The responsible clinic will attempt to contact you if the test shows a gonorrhea infection. All samples are tested for gonorrhea but viewing the test result on this web page will be introduced gradually this fall. You are also welcome to contact the clinic if your test result at shows that you have gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection that does not always give symptoms but when it does it's usually within a week. The symptoms can be a smarting pain or discharges from urethra and vagina. Compared to chlamydia, gonorrhea is an unusual infection in Sweden. Men who have sex with men and people who have unprotected sexual contacts abroad are at higher risk of getting gonorrhea.

You should contact the medical care in your county if you suspect that you might have gonorrhea, and not use this website. A urine sample is often inadequate since gonorrhea also can give infections in the throat and rectum.

The health care will try to contact you if your test result shows that you have gonorrhea, but you should also try to get in contact with your closest STI or sexual health clinic. You might need to take an additional test to find out which treatment is most suited for you. Please observe that the health care usually calls from a "secret number".

Hud- och könsmottagningen Sahlgrenska sjukhuset
Phone: 031-343 83 31 eller 031-343 83 37

Hud- och könssjukdomar (STD), Södra Älvsborgs Sjukhus
Phone: 033-616 11 45

Hudmottagning (Könsmottagning)
Phone: 010-435 52 60

Hudmottagning (STI-mottagning)
Phone: 0500-43 73 77