FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The Envelope is discreet

The envelope is discreet. klamydia.se is of course not mentioned on the envelope and there are no references to the health care.

You can not order if you live outside of our regions

Please speak with your local healthcare politician or contact us about joining the service.

Are your tests as safe as those in regular Health Centers?

Yes, we use the same laboratories and the same test method as your local health care. Your sample is tested only for genital chlamydia and gonorrhea in the genital area and not in the throat, rectum or eye. It is also not tested for other sexually transmitted diseases. If you are worried or have questions about this, please contact your youth clinic or health centre.

Why do I need to fill in the postal code of my national registration?

We use the postal code for our verification. Nothing is sent to that address.

To which address are SMS orders sent?

We always send SMS orders to your address in the national registration. If you want to order to another address, please order from our web site.

What happens if I lose my code?

Contact us and we'll send you the code once more.


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